Do you think?

That the writers purposefully want us to think they are broken up for good but in reality they get back together?Maybe they want the fans to be surprised so all these articles are false on purpose.They look in love to me in those pictures!!!

  • Interviewer: Do you two ladies fight on set?
  • Damon: We do not fight on set.
  • Jake: He's my bae.
  • Damon: Yeah, that's my bae. Before anybody else!

How many shows have big season finales during sweeps?





Just curious why New Girl keeps popping up on all the “MUST SEE” finale lists. TV Guide had a list of 39, now TV Fanatic (and I know they love NG) has a list of 26 and most are dramas.

I know it’s still a hit for FOX, but even TMPs finale sounds like it should be a…

I think even diehard NG fans who don’t have an opinion on the break up all, can agree that there isn’t anything MUST SEE about the finale (as spoiled so far).  It seems like filler to get to season 4.

Modern Family has a gay wedding in their finale and it hasn’t even made some lists.

Make you wonder………..

That’s why I think something big is going to happen that they don’t want us to know about. There’s no other explanation it.

I know I feel like there HAS to be something good that comes out of this finale. It’s almost like they’re making it sound bad on purpose (I doubt they’d really do this lol) so we’re shocked or something lol I keep thinking about how Liz and Jake said there’s some twists coming up with Nick and Jess and since we know they aren’t getting back together I have NO idea what they could be.

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Can we please use another sentence? I really can’t read “they’re better as friends”, how about “they can’t be together now” or “they have growing to do on their own, first”? -Sylvia


The new promo pics makes me smile like an idiot *u*


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Why do I have the (oh so amazing) feeling that they’re gonna share a sweet sweet kiss in that moment? -Sylvia

they look so happy though!